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Plastics And The Construction Industry

1. Piping And Conduit- These consume around 35% of production and they are widely used in construction. They are used to product various things. Some of these things include rainwater goods, cabling and pipes for sewage.

2. Profiles And Cladding- These are used for windows, coving, doors and skirting and they are made from PVC-U. Phenolic is replacing timber in regards to exterior cladding. In the past, traditional resins were used.

3. Insulation- Polystyrene rigid foam is what insulation is usually made from. It is used for walls and roofs. The insulation is simple to install and it can help contractors meet regulations in regards to energy conservation.

4. Seals And Gaskets- Elastomers is what seals and gaskets are made from. Chloroprene and EPDM are the polymers used, and they tend to have more resistance to deformation and they usually are able to retain elasticity. Asides from that, more than 200,000 tonnes of polymers are used as a base for sealants, as well as for adhesive systems.

5. The Future- As for what the future of plastics in construction looks like, it looks like plastics are offering a lot of opportunities for innovation, even though the industry tends to lean towards traditional materials. The construction industry has relied on economic conditions, but now the industry is experiencing changes that are being accelerated via a demand for homes, as well as regulations that are designed to make everything more energy efficient. There are other things that are taken into consideration, such as manage waste and recycling.

In the future, more and more methods are likely going to grow, and these methods include prefabrication, and this means factories is where a lot of work will be performed. Plastic materials may have implications for structures, and one of the advantages that plastics offer is that they can be used for many things and they are resistant to corrosion. They don’t weigh a lot and they are strong.

Years ago there was a report produced by the Commons Select Committee. The report was in regards to the credit crunch on building homes. That report is more than 270 pages long, so take the time to read it because there is a lot of interesting things you might be interested in knowing and there may be a few things you didn’t know in the report.