About John Fredericks Plastics


It might be offering a better quality product, or a cheaper price list, or a better customer service experience, or just having a better strategy. Or even better to have combination, of all these. The bottom line is that success in your fiercely competitive market is all about being better than your competition.

That is why we have created the “Ultimate” range of plastic building products, to assist you to achieve your business goals.

It’s called the Ultimate Range for excellent reasons. These are plastics that are without question superior, regarding design and manufacturing quality, and they’re backed up by a support, customer service and marketing pack that’s second to none in our marketplace.

Quite simply, the Ultimate range, from John Frederick plastics, is unsurpassed and it’s there to make you unbeatable.

The Ultimate Range is the culmination of what John Frederick Plastics has been doing in the world of UPVC for over ten years.


What JohnFredericksPlastics.co.uk has achieved with the Ultimate Range is to make quality construction plastic cheaper, to develop initiatives that will give you the edge in a competitive industry, to improve the speed and efficiency of our services and the closeness of the business relationship between us.